[horde] License Issue

wjue wjue at wjue.org
Mon May 5 15:53:39 PDT 2003

Hi, the Horde community
Congratulations to all Horde dev. team members for creating such well
designed and wonderful tools, and to all support members for their
helpful efforts.
I am an application developer, recently I have made a rather special
tool that I named as a "Xoops Modulizor" for it can allow users of Xoops
CMS (http://www.xoops.org)  to access Horde Applications as if they were
native Xoops modules. With this technology I transformed Horde Imp
WebMail and Kronolith Calendar to some sort of Xoops modules.
For some reasons I prefer to release it with a less liberal license to
GPL, I searched around and I found the IPB
(http://www.invisionboard.com/?license) license interesting. My purpose
here is to request your opinions, particularly opinions of the Horde
team members, if you think that I made a really bad or wrong choice
please offer your suggestions, I am willing to make necessary
modifications to reach a reasonable license term. You can find my Xoops
Modulizor for Imp and for Kronolith on my site
Thank you
Wang Jue (wjue)

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