[horde] Authentication - Adding a New User

Ben Lake ben.lake at archose.com
Mon May 5 02:51:24 PDT 2003


This is my second time trying to use Horde and I am stuck at the same
place I was before. I have Horde installed and configured and it
displays the login screen. I also installed and configured Nag for
something to test. Well I can't login! Despite doing a:

msyql> INSERT INTO horde_users (user_uid,user_passwd) values

So the user is added (if there's a typo up there it doesn't matter its
an example!). But I cannot login and I do not get a login failed or
anything, it just refreshes. I am using the sql driver as you might of
picked up on and if I changed the config auth password it errors and
says it can't connect, so it seems to be talking to the database. Its
just not authenticating.

Was I supposed to use MySQL's PASSWORD() function to encrypt it?

Can't find a simple "How to add a new user" in any Horde docs.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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