[horde] setup Categories ???

andy at stronzo.d2g.com andy at stronzo.d2g.com
Wed May 7 04:51:28 PDT 2003


just did a brandnew install of horde from CVS HEAD. Using mysql as backend and
did a "mysql -u root -p < mysql_create.sql" to initialize the DB. Because I
want to use it with categories, I changed the
$conf['category']['driver'] = 'none'; to

$conf['category']['driver'] = 'sql';

As result I get for example in the Administration-menu when adding groups etc::

Notice: Object to string conversion in /usr/local/lib/php/DB/mysql.php on line

which is:

// {{{ quote()
    * Quote the given string so it can be safely used within string delimiters
    * in a query.
    * @param $string mixed Data to be quoted
    * @return mixed "NULL" string, quoted string or original data
    function quote($str = null)
        switch (strtolower(gettype($str))) {
            case 'null':
                return 'NULL';
            case 'integer':
                return $str;
            case 'string':
-->Line 667  return "'".mysql_escape_string($str)."'";

Same error appears in kronolith.

In Nag, Notes etc. I'm no more able to create new tasks or notes, same in Trean
when trying to add subcategories. But I don't want to miss this.

Could sombody please give me a hint how to install these categories, please? Or
is it a bug in CVS?


My System: RH 7.3, Apache 1.3.27, php 4.3.0, mysql 3.23.52

test.php looks very good.

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