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Oliver Kuhl okuhl at netcologne.de
Wed May 7 08:04:46 PDT 2003


> For a quick overview, I would be glad to get some rough numbers about your
> installation of Horde (e.g. how many users, mail-throuput/how many emails
> per day, how many instances of Horde are running, a.s.o. just some numbers
> you have in your mind).
We're using imp, turba, kronolith, gollem, ingo and forwards with horde. I build everything out of cvs checked out in december last year and fixed the most important bugs.

In our currently running betatest we had the following numbers last month:
- 1166 different users logged in
- 3699 users logged in overall

This is our hardware...
- 2* Fujitsu-Siemens L200, 2* PIII 1,3GHz each, 1Gb RAM

...and software:
- debian linux woody
- apache
- php 4.2.1

MySQL and IMAP-Servers are on different machines. We use simple "loadbalancing" via dns round robin.

The maximum load was 0.3 with a maximum of 10 users logging in /5min. - the machines are sleeping around.

Next week we'll start our new webmail. Then I can tell you much more - we have 100.000+ internet-customers. We will see how it works and have a third machine if the two don't work. But I think they will do...

> Are there any known limits of Horde concerning performance, number of
> concurrent users, etc.?
I don't know.

> Does anyone know the names of companies running some real large installation
> of Horde?
There are some universities like www.uni-koeln.de...


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