[horde] Installing modules outside of horde path

craig at rockies.dyndns.org craig at rockies.dyndns.org
Wed May 7 17:46:06 PDT 2003

Can anyone explain to me what is required to install imp, turba, etc.
outside of the horde framework's path?  Here's an example:

[DocumentRoot]/foo/horde  - horde framework path

[DocumentRoot]/foo/bar/imp   -  module path

If I can accomplish this with symlinks, that's great too, just trying to
do it through config files first.  I've changed registry.php to reflect
the following:

$this->applications['imp'] = array(
    'fileroot' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../bar/imp',
'webroot' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/../bar/imp',
    'icon' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] .
    'name' => _("Mail"),
    'allow_guests' => false,
    'status' => 'active'

I can now get the imp login page to come up, but I'm getting errors in my
error_log that are looking for certain pages under [DocumentRoot]/bar
instead of [DocumentRoot]/foo/bar, and getting 404's.

Any thoughts here?  Thanks in advance!

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