[horde] performance question

Don Roeber don at roeber.com
Thu May 8 17:14:53 PDT 2003

On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 11:02 AM, Markus Krause wrote:

> hi all!
> my job here (max-planck-institute of biochemistry) is to replace the
> current webmail system with horde. we are planning to use imp, turba,
> accounts(with vacation and forwarding) and gollem. everything works 
> very
> good now (special thanks to all in the lists who helped! ;-) ).
> but we have a problem with the performance (what was one reason for the
> decision to replace the current webmail system), unfortunatly the old
> webmail-system is faster! the reason is: the old system does only login
> once and stays logged in untill the users logs out again. afaik from 
> the
> /var/log/imap (we are using uw-imap, well we plan to move to cyrus but
> this is a "todo project") every mail-related action from horde/imp
> results in a authentication and a logout. i understand (or can at least
> imagine some arguments) the idea/reason for this, but is there a way to
> change this behavior?
> thanks in advance for your help!
> 	markus

Horde doesn't currently support persistent imap connections, but there 
is another project that makes up for this.  See 
http://www.kuleuven.net/projects/imapproxy/ for more information.

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