RES: [horde] ldap config params not working

Piero B. Contezini piero.contezini at
Mon May 12 05:25:20 PDT 2003

In the Ldap.php inside the lib/Auth directory
Just "wrap" the variable, i've passed the same problem.
    function _setParams($params)
        global $conf;
        $params = $conf["prefs"]["params"];

Somewhere the content is loss, its not the right way but i've no time to

The entire implementation of ldap has problems like if you don't have
anonymous access in your ldap server, the authenticate method will not
work, it ALWAYS trys to bind anonymously, you must change it too.


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I have downloaded and installed Horde 2.2.1 and made the correct changes
to horde.php to make it use LDAP as a backend. However, when I try to
login it complains that 'hostspec' has not been set. It has indeed been
set and a little debugging shows that the $params array passed to the
Auth->ldap class is empty.
I have not been able to find the point where things go wrong since Horde
is quite a large project, so I am hoping that somebody on this list can
tell me how to fix this problem?

Version: 3.12
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