[horde] cvs update?

imp imp at xtremedev.com
Mon May 12 23:24:37 PDT 2003

Hello all,

  Trying to use cvs update to keep my horde files up to date. I'm using
  the following commands:

  cd /usr/local/www/data/horde
  cvs -tRz9 -d :pserver:cvsread at anoncvs.horde.org:/repository update \

  However, a quick examination of the files shows that they have not
  been changed. For example, horde/lib/Help.php was changed 4 days ago
  by slusarz to 1.43, and yet my /usr/local/www/data/horde/lib/Help.php
  still shows:

  $Horde: horde/lib/Help.php,v 1.38 2002/11/21 08:04:09 slusarz Exp $

  after running the cvs update. Am I using cvs incorrectly? Please
  advise. Thanks.

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