[horde] Portal layout with LDAP Prefs

Steven Alexson steve at alexson.org
Sun May 18 09:00:20 PDT 2003

System breakdown:
SuSE Linux 8.1
Apache 2.0.45
PHP 4.3.1
OpenLDAP 2.1.4
Horde 3.0 (HEAD, 2003-05-16 snapshot)

I am trying to use LDAP to store user preferences. It seems to be working for
all modules EXCEPT for one problem. When a user defines a layout for the
portal, it seems to work until the user logs off. Once the user logs back in,
the portal layout returns to just displaying the last login, and nothing else.

All other modules seem to have no problems pulling their preferences from the
LDAP directory. In fact, the base horde environment seems to get its options
correctly (theme is set upon login, etc...). It is just this problem with the

If I change my preferences driver from LDAP back to SQL (my initial setup), the
portal is displayed properly, based on the preferences in the SQL database.

I am not entirely sure what attributes are supposed to be set in the LDAP
directory for the portal, but there are no errors in the LDAP log about any
undefined attributes in the schema.

Any insight on this would be much appreciated.

Steven Alexson

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