[horde] newbie question...

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Sun May 18 22:54:26 PDT 2003

Quoting Christensen Tom <paveraware at hotmail.com>:

> I am configuring horde for the first time, and I want to mess with some of
> the apps that haven't been officially released (namely rakim, and gollem).

You will need to be running the CVS HEAD version of Horde to do so.

> However, downloading the nightly build yields only a conf.xml file in the
> config directories of both of these apps.

That is correct for all CVS HEAD modules.

> I assume I have to issue some
> sort of command to create the conf.php file from this xml file, but I have
> no idea what command that is.

Read the docs/INSTALL files for directions.  It will require a HEAD of Horde
to work though.

> Or, do I just have to guess at the syntax of
> the conf.php file and just type it up from scratch?

Not recommended.

> Thanks,
> Tom

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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