[horde] Suddenly, I'm getting 'white screens of death'

Ryan McDonald ryan at rlmnet.net
Tue May 27 17:46:46 PDT 2003

Hi list!

I have had a head CVS version (from 4-8-2003) of 
horde,imp,kronolith,nag,turba,mnemo working with no problems at all.  
Yesterday (5-26-2003) I pulled down the latest CVS of all of the above 
components.  I MOVED my old horde directory and did a 'clean' install of 
the new stuff.  I'm 100% sure I configured them correctly.  Now I have 
problems.  Imp seems to work just fine but mnemo, nag, and kronolith just 
show a blank white frame when you choose them in the toolbar.  As a 
troubleshooting step, I deleted everything and made a copy of my horde 
backup as the new horde directory.  I then placed the NEW (5-26-2003) 
kronolith, mnemo, and nag directories in the old (4-8-2003) horde 
directory.  Same result.

The test.php page shows I'm just fine on EVERYTHING (except that mcal is 
missing but I'm not using it).

Im running on Slackware 8.1.01 with php 4.2.1 (I recompiled php to get 
ldap support) and mySQL.

I'm kinda stumped since the cvs from 4-8-2003 runs just fine.


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