[horde] cvs cannot login

Thomas Spellman thomas at thosmos.com
Wed May 28 13:55:22 PDT 2003

After spending hours trying to figure out why my cvs horde installation
wasn't working, I think I've finally figured out one or two things.
session.auto_start was set to "1" in php.ini.  This was causing a plain
php session to begin before the Horde session was created, thereby
causing strangeness somewhere, but I'm not sure exactly where.

Even though Horde is basically working, I'm still getting session
weirdness, such as the Horde sessid appearing in the url, and not in a
cookie, even though cookie sessions are working with the horde test.php
page and other sessions-based apps.

The problem is appearing somewhere within index.php before or during the
construction of the link to login.php.  The session_name is set to
Horde, but, for some reason, the session cookie is not created, so that
Horde::applicationURL() adds the sessid to the URL, even though
session.use_trans_sid is set to "0".

Upon closer inspection, I've narrowed the problem down to some lines in
Horde::setupSessionHandler().  It appears that if I comment out the
following line, sessids work fine: 
Horde.php - line 1224:
$conf['cookie']['path'], $conf['cookie']['domain']);

Commenting out the $conf['cookie']['domain'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
line in the conf file, or removing the third parameter of the
session_set_cookie_params() function works too.

Also, there's a second cookie that's appearing called auth_key, with
what looks like another sessid that is different than the Horde sessid.

Why would defining the cookie domain cause the session cookie to not be
set?  Even if I set the $conf parameter as "localhost", it doesn't work.

Attempting sql session handling still results in an apache hang,

Apache 2.0.44, php 4.3.1, windows xp sp1.

I had the same problems on my linux box a few months ago so I don't
think it's a windows platform problem.


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> Subject: [horde] cvs cannot login
> Needing to have guest ability for a kronolith calendar, I decided to
> the cvs versions of horde and kronlith again.  I started from a fresh
> cvs download, set up the configs and created the sql tables, created
> admin user using md5('password'), etc.  The test.php says everything
> OK.  When I try to log in, I get no error message but am returned to
> login screen again.
> Horde.log says that my login attempt was successful, and that's the
> thing in the log:
> May 24 09:10:39 HORDE [info] [horde] Login success for tm []
> Horde [on line 80 of "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\horde\login.php"]
> I am getting the following in my php_error.log:
> [24-May-2003 09:27:58] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  time in
> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\horde\lib\Auth.php on line 416
> This is with horde and kronlith CVS from 5-24-03, php4.3.1,
> using php4apache2.dll apache module on winXP.
> Any ideas?
> Thomas
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