[horde] Firebird

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri May 30 00:55:17 PDT 2003

Zitat von Francesco Consumi <consumi at istitutodeglinnocenti.it>:

> >
> > I don't think PHP or even PEAR::DB has Firebird support. If you can't
> use an
> > ODBC interface to the DB, it won't work.
> >
> PHP and PEAR have the Firebird support, and works. I've developed some
> project
> with PHP + FB (not the browser.. :-) )
> The problems with Horde are in the field names: IB/FB wants uppercase
> names, and
> Horde have lowercase or mixed field names.
> I've found a old document from Alexander Knaufer
> but its tips did'nt work.........

Hm, you should better ask on the PEAR list then if there is a known


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