[horde] Portal layout with LDAP Prefs

dkaiser at som.llu.edu dkaiser at som.llu.edu
Fri May 30 15:35:51 PDT 2003

I just got some progress with this.

It seems that the default value for portal_layout is a serialized empty array
(a:0:{}) which will look like this in LDAP: "YTowOnt9"  (base64 encoded
serialized empty array)

If you edit your ../horde/config/prefs.php file, and change the default value to
something other than "a:0:{}", then your portal layout settings should be
retrieved from LDAP and not be overwritten by the empty value.

Currently, my $_prefs['portal_layout']['value'] is this:
    'value' =>

That's one big line (wraps to 11 lines in an 80col editor) but no line-breaks in
there.  Then, drop your hordeprefs attributes on your user(s) and they will get
the default from that 'value'   (that long string equals a portal with 6
blocks, (imp/turba/kronolith/moment/mnemo/nag)

But, from that point on, they will be able to use their customized portal layout
and it will save/load successfully.

Anyone want to chase down the bug that overwrites your saved portal_layout from
ldap if the prefs.php 'value' contains the emptry array?  If not, I'll poke at
it next week when I get back from my mini-vacation.  :)

David Kaiser <dkaiser at som.llu.edu>
Loma Linda University School of Medicine Information Systems

Quoting Steven Alexson <steve at alexson.org>:

> System breakdown:
> SuSE Linux 8.1
> Apache 2.0.45
> PHP 4.3.1
> OpenLDAP 2.1.4
> Horde 3.0 (HEAD, 2003-05-16 snapshot)
> Problem:
> I am trying to use LDAP to store user preferences. It seems to be working for
> all modules EXCEPT for one problem. When a user defines a layout for the
> portal, it seems to work until the user logs off. Once the user logs back in,
> the portal layout returns to just displaying the last login, and nothing
> else.
> All other modules seem to have no problems pulling their preferences from the
> LDAP directory. In fact, the base horde environment seems to get its options
> correctly (theme is set upon login, etc...). It is just this problem with the
> portal.
> If I change my preferences driver from LDAP back to SQL (my initial setup),
> the
> portal is displayed properly, based on the preferences in the SQL database.
> I am not entirely sure what attributes are supposed to be set in the LDAP
> directory for the portal, but there are no errors in the LDAP log about any
> undefined attributes in the schema.
> Any insight on this would be much appreciated.
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> Steven Alexson
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