[horde] (no subject)

John Gates dimante at dimante.net
Sat May 31 06:20:54 PDT 2003

     This is the correct list to ask about horde and IMP problems right?  I only
ask because I have asked many questions and never see an answer in the messages
that follow.  Ever since installing IMP 3.X my cgi scripts no longer run.  If I
disable mod_php4 in httpd.conf then the scripts do work.  I never had this
problem with earlier versions of IMP or php3.  Can someone shed some light on
this problem? I don't mind programming hit counters etc in PHP but a lot of my
clients do not know how to and use CGI constantly in thier web content.

Thank you in advance,
John Gates A+, MCSE (Win NT4 & 2000), CCNA
Dimante Computer Services 

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