[horde] error with gettext

heva help_debian at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 1 17:20:31 PDT 2003


I have a cvs version of horde with imp and i can't display it
in others langages.
I have reconfigured my locale, do make install in po directory,
check in horde/test.php:
PHP Module Capabilities

    * Ctype Support: Yes
    * DOM XML Support: Yes
    * FTP Support: Yes
    * Gettext Support: Yes
    * Iconv Support: Yes
    * IMAP Support: Yes
    * LDAP Support: Yes
    * Mbstring Support: Yes
    * MCAL Support: Yes
    * Mcrypt Support: Yes
    * MIME Magic Support: N/A
    * MySQL Support: Yes
    * OpenSSL Support: No
    * PostgreSQL Support: No
    * XML Support: Yes

check in phpinfo():
GetText Support         enabled

choose my favorite langage in login screen, but horde/imp
always display in english...

I also try to do a :
$>php ./translation.php help
Content-type: text/html
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.2

Fatal error: Call to undefined function:  _() in /var/www/horde_cvs/config/nls.php on line 168

If someone could help me.

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