[horde] Fatal error: .....

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Thu Jul 3 05:48:31 PDT 2003

I just finished dealing with this exactly.

Besides checking your config.php file for accurate settings, look for improper
syntax that would cause the php file to not be interpreted.  My trouble was that
I did not place quotes around my email address for the value placed in:


Now, when you get that fixed and you get an error about PEAR_LOG_INFO let me know.


Quoting cyko at cykotix.com:

> I'm receiving the following error after grabbing cvs HEAD of horde.
> Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
> /usr/local/www/mail/webmail/horde/index.php on line 28
> This can be seen at http://webmail.perfectservers.com.
> My tests seem fine:
>    http://webmail.perfectservers.com/test.php
> Line 28 being:
>    $initial_app = $prefs->getValue('initial_application');
> Regardless of what I put into the initial_application var in prefs.php, I
> still
> obtain the same error.  I've tried 'horde', 'imp', ''....nothing.
> I've noticed quite a few people have posted about this in the last couple of
> days.  I have yet to find a solution, and google shows me nothing of
> importance.
> Anyone have a solution?
> -patrick
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