[horde] Issue with from_addr hooks

Rob Casey rob.casey at bluebottle.com
Sun Jul 6 19:22:22 PDT 2003

I am currently rolling out a newer version of IMP within our web mail
environment but am having some problems with successfully implementing a
from_addr hook so that sent email messages contain a meaningful name (as
opposed to the email address alone).

Under the older version of IMP which was employed, these hooks had been put
into the horde/imp/conf.php file and the corresponding $conf['hook'] array
entries contained the function name to be called for the hook.  This
arrangement appears to have changed somewhat with the current (CVS stable)
version of IMP which I have employed.

Hooks now appear to need to be implemented within horde/config/hooks.php and
with a specific naming convention such that the corresponding $conf['hook']
array entry needs only to be set to true for the hook to be exectured.  This
however appears to the core element of my problem - The code simply doesn't
appear to be executed.

I have defined a _prefs_hook_from_addr function within
horde/config/hooks.php and defined $conf['hooks']['from_addr'] to be true
within imp/config/conf.php to no avail.

Is there a walk-through which details how such hooks should be implemented
or something which I have overlooked?  I can also paste a small portion of
the _prefs_hook_from_addr function if it will help.

Thanks in advance.


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