[horde] I think this is a bug: Incorrect page after login

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Sun Jul 6 14:15:53 PDT 2003

Here's a reproduceable problem with Horde/IMP; I have the snapshot from 7/2

After initial login, only IMP is visible.  The Horde menu bar (frame) is not
there, nor does the horde summary show in the main window as it should.  Just
IMP showing my inbox, as if the installation was IMP only.

Here are my settings:

I have the single logon option turned on, so that users do not have to log in
I have Horde as document root, so that the URL is like http://horde.example.com;
I have maintenance options turned on so that maintenance is performed on login;
I have the initial application set to Default in my Options.

Exactly what I see as I log in:
* At http://horde.example.com, I see the IMP login form (as I should);
* After submitting the login, I see the maintenance confirmation filling the
whole browser window; there are no frames and no horde menu;
* After OKing the maintenance, my inbox shows in the browser window, again
without frames and the horde menu;
* The URL still shows as http://horde.example.com; if I place my cursor in the
URL and hit enter (to reload the URL) horde, it's frames, the menu and the
summary page load correctly.
* If I log out and try it all over from scratch, exactly the same sequence of
pages happens including the maintenance screens, so apparently a cookie isn't
being set or read.
* If I turn off the maintenence options, it works perfectly.


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