[horde] CVS Client

René Lund Jensen lundeman at tbkol.dk
Wed Jul 23 12:30:40 PDT 2003

Richard Sumilang wrote:

> I know I know this isn't the right place to ask but I'm desperate, I 
> usually get answer here quick, AND you guys definitely use CVS a lot 
> so heres my question...
> I just started a CVS document server on my network runnong on a red 
> hat linux box and I believe pserver is enabled. Now all I need is a 
> gui for all the operating system on my network and can't find one on 
> mac / windows (haven't searched for linux) that just works right out 
> of the box so what do you guys use on your Mac OS X, Windows 2000, and 
> Red Hat Linux OS for a graphical client to the CVS Reprository?
> Thanks!

TortoiseCVS on Win 2K/XP google for it..

René Jensen

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