[horde] Horde 2.2.3 Problems

Wally Beben wally at beben.com
Sat Sep 27 00:51:27 PDT 2003


Resending this since I never got any responses, so not sure whether it was seen by the community.

I'm using the Horde webmail v2.2.3 as part of the qmail toaster suite for RedHat8.0.

If I select compose mail, then add an attachment, I can select the file from the system to be attached to the email, then when I click the 'attach' button, it takes me to a 'page not found' or 'page cannot be displayed' error.

Is there anywhere specific I need to look at the code in case there's been some corruption? Or at least does anyone know which php code to check to see which page is being called at that time?

Thanks for your help guys.


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