[horde] horde 2.2.4 and postfix problem

Andreas Kotowicz kotoml at mynetix.de
Thu Oct 16 09:02:24 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 17:28, Michael M Slusarz wrote:

> You must use the sendmail binary installed by postfix (generally
> /usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix or /usr/sbin/sendmail, at least on my system)
> for 'sendmail_path'.  Calling the 'smtp' binary directly won't work.

usings postfix's sendmail binary seems to work. the only bad thing about
this is that there are some spamassassin rules to check if an email has
been sent from localhost which is the case if you invoke the binary. so
I changed my config to use smtp:

$conf['mailer']['type'] = 'smtp';
$conf['mailer']['params'] = array();
$conf['mailer']['params'] = array('host' => 'mail.server.com');
$conf['mailer']['params'] = array('port' => '25');
$conf['mailer']['params'] = array('auth' => 'LOGIN' );

I tried both LOGIN and true for the auth variable but horde always tells
me: unable to authenticate to smtp server. but there is no single entry
from postfix in my log files! 

so how do I get my mails to have in header something like "Received:
from mail.server.com" instead of what I have now: "Received: from


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