[horde] HELP: Fatal error: Invalid argument (Filters)

swap swap at graphic-design.com
Tue Nov 4 03:03:55 PST 2003

Greetings, HELP !

New listee here so apologies if this has been discussed.
I couldn't find anything on this in the archives.

FILTERS: work, work well, then "break" giving:

    [ALERT] Fatal error: Invalid argument

ANYBODY figured out what kind of rules to avoid?

   *  <html> - doesn't show up at all, breaks
   *  dual domains seem to break: url.2ndurl.com
   *  Subject OR Body: dual sources seem to break

I've got over 100 filters, and they work for days and days,
then for no apparant reason, I get the "Fatal error:"
when none of the filters  have changed or been added.

300 spams a day -- please help me get FILTERS WORKING.

Signed: drowning in spam

Fred (Swap)

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