[horde] Re: Login issue - loop to login page

Kevin Bonner xherbiex at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 11:40:09 PST 2003

>Date: Mon,  3 Nov 2003 11:11:45 -0600
>From: Brady Kern <bkern at news-gazette.com>
>Subject: [horde] Login issue - loop to login page
>To: horde at lists.horde.org
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>When logging into horde if I point my browser to webmail.domain.com 
>works fine,  however when I point to just webmail/  After the login my 
>shows up fine but trying to go to any other part address book, kronolith, 
>etc,  I am returned to the login screen and then stuck in a permanent loop. 
>  I
>have webmail set up as a virtual host with all of the same configs as
>webmail.domain.com  Is this a horde or an apache issue?

I had this same problem. I've narrowed it down to being a problem between 
the browser and the certificate on an ssl connection. if your certificate 
name does not agree with the url I was getting this. On changing the 
certificate name to agree the problem disappeared. It seems that unless they 
agree Internet explorer establishes a new session each time. To a lesser 
degree mozilla does this too.

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