[horde] Verify error

Bojan Zdrnja Bojan.Zdrnja at LSS.hr
Tue Nov 4 17:31:34 PST 2003

Hi everyone,

I installed CVS two days ago and first part of configuring horde went ok.
I'm adding IMP at the moment.

However, when I go to IMP configuration in horde I get the following error:

Call to undefined function: verify() in /www/horde/lib/Form.php on line 402

I read in ML that this is related to tokens, however in
/horde/config/conf.php I have:

$conf['token']['driver'] = 'sql';

As I defined $conf['sql'] before, this should be ok.

If I put file as driver for token I get the same error.

Any clues for this?



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