[horde] Messages not showing

Rick N horde at pris.ca
Thu Nov 6 09:06:43 PST 2003

Hello All

I have the following installed

Horde 3.0 cvs
Imp 4.0 cvs
Ingo 2.0 cvs

PHP 4.3.3
Apache 2.0.48

All required packages have been installed

When logging into imp I see from my server logs that I have logged in
successfully (imap for authentication). 

Nov  6 10:01:49 mail imapd[1315]: [ID 666661 mail.info] Authenticated
user=rnoble host=smtp.pris.bc.ca []

Nov  6 10:01:50 mail imapd[1315]: [ID 533678 mail.info] Logout user=rnoble
host=smtp.pris.bc.ca []

It shows that I am in my inbox and I do have access to all folders on the
mail server, however it tells me that there are no messages in my inbox.
It shows that I am on page 4 of 4, even when I switch to any of the other
pages still no messages shown.

Thanks for any and all suggestions


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