[horde] Horde CSS not working all of a sudden... any ideas??

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at bellavista.cz
Fri Nov 7 03:32:09 PST 2003

# hobbs at mongeese.co.uk / 2003-11-07 10:52:26 +0000:
> Hello,
> Please check the following screenshots:
>   http://fishsponge.co.uk/miscfiles/Horde_01.gif
>   http://fishsponge.co.uk/miscfiles/Horde_02.gif

    do you ever get the problem after refreshing the page?

    we have such a problem here, seems like a bug certain versions
    of IE6 and stylesheet files with extensions other than ".css".

    just guessing ATM, but having 
    RewriteRule   ^/fuckIE.css$  /css.php

    in the apache config seems to have eliminated the problem.

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