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This is really for the general community, not just me.

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Thanks for your response.  I figured that was the case after looking through the
scripts a bit more yesterday so I went ahead and did it and am fully
functioning again.

Your response about tracking dev and cvs is good advice but there's no way I can
keep up with what goes on there.  I can usually figure out what changes need to
be made to the overall structure and I have a limited number of people testing
this, so temporary loss of functionality is not a major issue.  Development has
been done in such a manner that there are usually scripts or some other
published methodology for migrating when a major framework or database change
is made.  I've seen the complaint leveled before that keeping track of the HEAD
branch is difficult and your response has always been to track dev and cvs
mailing lists (reasonable response, but maybe impractical for some of us).

Since the documentation lags behind the development, a middle ground rough draft
documentation of what end-users ought to be doing would be extremely helpful
and it would encourage more testing I think.  I'm not a serious developer and I
suspect there are a number of middle ground users like myself who understand
how the software works and interoperates but couldn't program their way out of
a paper bag.

I've also seen praise lavished on the project - its high time to think about
releasing some of this stuff (to which the response has always been, rightfully
so, "when its finished").  But at some point, you have to have a feature freeze
and work towards a release.  This is excellent, standards compliant software
(and I have a vested interest in making sure that Horde, and not MS Exchange,
becomes our collaboration/groupware software here).  Getting a release out of
IMP and Kronolith, which of course requires a new release of Horde, would be a
great thing.

Also, I had been in contact in the past about potentially sponsoring some work.
I have a site that really wants IMP to have the ability to not only generate
Read receipts but also to generate response receipts to messages that have Read
Receipts Requests included.  They claim they are willing to pay to have this
feature added but I have no idea what the process of sponsoring work looks
like, nor how much it would cost or how much they are willing to contribute.
In looking at the code, it doesn't look like a difficult addition - a simple
preference addition maybe to turn on/off automatic replies and some code to
parse headers and generate a mail message if its turned on and included in an
incoming message.  Your thoughts or is there someone else I should be talking
to about this?


Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
(717) 560-6140

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