[horde] Recent Horde complaints

Daniel Eckl daniel.eckl at gmx.de
Thu Dec 4 10:00:36 PST 2003

I don't think that there are many reasons on this world to flame any poster. But
that counts for those beginner users, too. So I don't want to discuss about

So I just discuss the core statements.

Reading the INSTALL file is mandatory. No question about this. But in my life on
the way to be UNIX specialist at one of the biggest burning application vendor
I saw so many situations where I did read all the manuals but didn't get the
coherences between all the pieces. After some very patient and polite person on
a mailing list explained be the coherences in a way you would speak to a child,
I felt very silly, but I got the point and learned something I can use

Your example with "What is an IMAP Daemon" is overdrawn willfully and thats
okay. But what if you know what IMAP is but you don't know the term daemon and
that it is only a abbreviation and what it means? This could be matter of
language problems etc.. You never know.

The point is: As your product gets better and bigger and draws attention, there
will be more people who want to have your product desperately despite of
lacking of administrative knowledge. Thats a normal way and you cannot elude
from that.

So I see in this questions that horde is one of the most interesting web
frameworks existing.

That's like wanting to be a rockstar but without fans that bug you and reporters
shooting pics of you. You can't have one without the other.

Then there are situations where I agree with you. If there is a question that
was asked one or two days ago or if a question was asked with exactly the same
words so any archive search would have given the answer, then that's a bad
question. But not to answer at all is worse than this.

In such cases I answer with a Link or I name the document where the answer is
written. But if I know the answer and have the time to answer, then I will do.
Nothing is worse then being ignored, even if the questioner is stupid.

If those persons get no answers, the go mad (you could see this in the latest
mails on this list), If they just get a link, they often fel stipid like me in
the beginnings Then their ego will begin to work and they will try to get more
answers by themselves. In most cases a questioner feels better to get the
answer "Bug is known but we cannot fix it in the moment. Would you fix it and
tell us?" instead of being ignored. Well, perhaps the person will do exactly
this and fixes the problem, who knows!

Well, that are my 2c and I hope that I was able to calm down the subject a
little bit.

Thanks and have a lot of fun!


Zitat von Andrew Morgan <morgan at orst.edu>:

> Given the recent complaints to this list about Horde, I'm probably going
> to get flamed for posting this.
> Am I wrong in thinking that there are people attempting to run Horde that
> aren't qualified?
> Maybe others have more patience than I do, but it sounds like a simple
> RTFM is needed in a lot of cases.  If you can't read the INSTALL document
> first, we're not helping you.  And if you can't figure out how to satisfy
> Horde's dependencies or get Apache and PHP configured appropriately, you
> shouldn't be running Horde.
> We're talking about basic system administration skills here.  Horde is not
> a point-and-click Windows application.  Most useful server applications
> have reasonable defaults but require some form of configuration to tailor
> the application for your site's needs.
> Frankly, I'm amazed that some of you are still answering questions like,
> "I can't login to Horde", or "What is an IMAP server".
> 	Andy
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