[horde] Recent Horde complaints

Katie Scott katie at singularpoint.com
Thu Dec 4 10:19:58 PST 2003

Being prone to over-simplification.....

And, being one of the newbies to horde, I would appreciate a separate 
newbie list that can discuss the basics without annoying the more 
sophisticated.  Encourage newbies to use stable horde (which hopefully 
will upgrade to version 3 soon!) and separate out the install/configure 
questions from the cutting edge nightly build stuff.

I, for one, have lots of general unix/linux admin experience but had 
never dealt specifically with some of the underlying technologies 
before.  I had a steep learning curve to climb with respect to php and 
mysql.  I now have stable horde working and I'm loving it.  I'm ready to 
try 3.0.

Fun stuff.  No wonder it's getting so popular.


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