Fwd: Re: [horde] Recent Horde complaints

Bo Daley bo at tilda.com.au
Thu Dec 4 13:42:05 PST 2003

hi sisterscape,

Quoting sisterscape <sisterscape at yahoo.com>:

> I am on this list because I am a frustrated USER trying to find
> solutions that will help the server admins. Our server is being managed
> by supposed professionals. You probably know them so I'll not post a
> name. They point fingers at the Horde programmers (or elsewhere). The
> responses I have gotten from this list point fingers at the server
> admins. And around and around and around we go. In the meantime, I am
> caught in the middle with filters that only work manually.

I think everyone can relate to your predicament with this circular
finger-pointing thing.. Anyway I don't think anyone here would suggest that
there are absolutely no bugs in any Horde code (far from it), and thus that
your problem is absolutely not caused by some problem in Horde. Perhaps Horde
doesn't cleanly handle something about your IMAP server's configuration?
Perhaps something is going awry in the interaction of your filters and your
IMAP server? Or perhaps there's something your server admins can adjust to make
the IMAP server less sensitive to these errors it's complaining about?

People on this list don't know the answers to most of those questions because
they relate to your server's configuration. That's not a finger-pointing
exercise so much as a request for more information. How about this as an
initial list of questions to ask yourself and/or the server admin people:

* what imap server are you using?
* do they have a ceiling on the number of "protocol violations" they will accept
on the imap server? if so, what is it?
* what version of Horde are you using?
* what filtering system are you using? ie. are you using the filters from the
stable version of IMP, or are you using one of the development filter systems
like Ingo or Sam?
* what are the filter rules you are trying to use?
* is there one filter in particular that causes things to break? If so, what is
it? or is it always the 10th filter that breaks things (no matter what it is)?

All of this could well be useful information. It might even be enough for
someone here to be able to replicate your problem , and then maybe even think
of a solution for you.


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