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sisterscape sisterscape at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 14:20:25 PST 2003

Thanks for your clear response, bo. I have passed it on to the person
who interacts with our server management.

I can tell you this . . . we are running off a new (and updated) dual
Xeon/Plesk box at ev1servers.  I cannot find the Horde version anywhere
in either the Webmail program or in my Plesk user control panel (and I
don't have root access).  I currently have 11 rules - 9 'subject' and 2
'from' and all are instructed to delete. It doesn't seem to be one rule
in particular but cumulative.

Hopefully, I will have more information (or a 'victory' report) to post


--- Bo Daley <bo at tilda.com.au> wrote:
> hi sisterscape,
> Quoting sisterscape <sisterscape at yahoo.com>:
> > I am on this list because I am a frustrated USER trying to find
> > solutions that will help the server admins. Our server is being
> managed
> > by supposed professionals. You probably know them so I'll not post
> a
> > name. They point fingers at the Horde programmers (or elsewhere).
> The
> > responses I have gotten from this list point fingers at the server
> > admins. And around and around and around we go. In the meantime, I
> am
> > caught in the middle with filters that only work manually.
> I think everyone can relate to your predicament with this circular
> finger-pointing thing.. Anyway I don't think anyone here would
> suggest that
> there are absolutely no bugs in any Horde code (far from it), and
> thus that
> your problem is absolutely not caused by some problem in Horde.
> Perhaps Horde
> doesn't cleanly handle something about your IMAP server's
> configuration?
> Perhaps something is going awry in the interaction of your filters
> and your
> IMAP server? Or perhaps there's something your server admins can
> adjust to make
> the IMAP server less sensitive to these errors it's complaining
> about?
> People on this list don't know the answers to most of those questions
> because
> they relate to your server's configuration. That's not a
> finger-pointing
> exercise so much as a request for more information. How about this as
> an
> initial list of questions to ask yourself and/or the server admin
> people:
> * what imap server are you using?
> * do they have a ceiling on the number of "protocol violations" they
> will accept
> on the imap server? if so, what is it?
> * what version of Horde are you using?
> * what filtering system are you using? ie. are you using the filters
> from the
> stable version of IMP, or are you using one of the development filter
> systems
> like Ingo or Sam?
> * what are the filter rules you are trying to use?
> * is there one filter in particular that causes things to break? If
> so, what is
> it? or is it always the 10th filter that breaks things (no matter
> what it is)?
> All of this could well be useful information. It might even be enough
> for
> someone here to be able to replicate your problem , and then maybe
> even think
> of a solution for you.
> bo.
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