[horde] am i right?

Ivan Zilic Schmidt - Maingroup Inc. ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Thu Dec 4 19:33:40 PST 2003


I dont know if this is the place to post suggestions to horde developers, but
ill do it anyway.

A few days ago i found this in the web
http://www.vialect.com/intranetoverview.htm . and of course i couldnt resist and
gave it a try. I think its a great product and very similar to all the horde
aplications together.

What i think is horde would be better than it is now (i use imp as my everyday
e-mail client, and thurba as my contact manager) but im missing some
collaborative tools, as a shared calendar, shared documents with version
management and features that make it easier to share your work with yor co-workers.

Thats all i have to say for now, thanks a lot for this great work.

Ivan Zilic Schmidt
Maingroup Inc.
ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Phone (56-2) 326 07 84
Mobile (56-9) 872 65 63

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