[horde] updating config files

Adrian DeBoer stud_muffin_540 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 07:00:26 PST 2004

> > How do I update my config files?????
> diff -u config.php config.php.dist > config.diff
> then look through the patch file and fix anything
> you need and patch your
> conf.php

Let me just say that I am still foggy on updating the
config files.  Why do we need to update them?? Why
aren't they be already "updated" or why isn't this
problem being fixed before people download the snaps??

OK.....how do I create a config.php.dist??  The only
thing I did to create my config.php was copy somebody
else's config.php file (CVS version) of made some
changes to it....remember that CVS - and this is
another question I have - is why a config.php or
config.php.dist isn't included with CVS
versions....why do we have to create it??  So what is
this config.php.dist?? -  do we somehow create that
too?? rename a file?? I'm starting from scratch

Still lost...


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