[horde] New Module Development

Kosala Atapattu kosalaa at carcumb.com
Mon Feb 16 01:37:56 PST 2004

hi all,

 There're few HR applications we've developed for our company (using ASP) and
planing to
 port them to PHP. If we can port every thing as horde modules, it'll be
convienient for
 administrators and users to operate with, since they can find all the solutions
to there
 needs from one application, and it'll be global.

 I would be glad to port all my applications (Leave Transaction (+ time
 performance appraisal and training module yet to come) to horde if there is a
 documentation (I tried my best but still couldn't find any on the site), kind
of a howto
 would be ideal. I found development guide-lines from horde docs and the
'skeleton' from
 cvs, but still it'll take considerable time to get in to the track.

 Can anybody recomend  a good source of  development documentation (if there is
any) or
 any other doc where I can find similar details.


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