[horde] Horde 3.0 & PHP5

Philip Iezzi horde at iezzi.ch
Wed Feb 18 15:21:14 PST 2004

> So far as I know, the only code-breaking change in PHP5 is 
> some obscure
> OOP methodologies. The PHP/Zend docs say "but no one uses 
> this anyway".
> If Horde isn't compatible with PHP5, then its a PHP5 bug. 

PHP5 has some great new features - right, pretty much OO only - but this was
the weak point in PHP and it got time for this to change.
I'm not expecting Horde to actually use those new features, I'm just worried
about compatibility.

> I had horde running under one of the PHP5 betas, only me using it, and
> only for a couple of days. It worked, but I wasn't trying to 
> find bugs.

Horde 2.2.4 was producing a whole bunch of warnings under PHP5, that's why I
was asking. But sounds good, your experiences.

> > - Does the current Chora (CVS) already fully support Subversion?
> My understanding is that Subversion is supposed to replace 
> (and improve
> upon) the /features/ of CVS, but direct compatibility isn't at all a
> goal. PHP seems not to has any webdav capabilities, so I think the
> answer here is "no" and "not likely anywhere in the future, either"

and as Jan says, it already fully supports it. Don't ask me how the
connection over webdav is done.

> You only need configure the core horde system by hand. As a 
> horde admin
> user, the other modules can be configured. Things like IMP servers,
> Turba sources, etc seem still to be done by hand, and I don't know if
> they are targeted to be XMLized.

sounds good. I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

thanks a lot for all your answers!
take care

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