[horde] Auth_sql problem / avoid Horde login / PHP5

Philip Iezzi horde at iezzi.ch
Thu Feb 19 08:30:51 PST 2004


I'm setting up a Horde environment with Chora, Turba, and IMP (current CVS
checkouts). It took me about 2 hours till I figured out what was wrong with
authentication. I don't know if this is a bug, but here's my workaround:

Horde's config/conf.php:
Add the following to the Authentication section:
$conf['auth']['params']['show_encryption'] = false;

This was the only way it worked for me as Auth_sql::_comparePasswords() was
comparing a '{MD5}'.md5('...') string with a plain md5('...').
Default of 'show_encryption' should be set to false, or did I miss

and here's my additional questions:

- I need to set up two instances of Chora (one single module and another
with all modules which I'm going to protect with .htaccess/SSL)
I set up both 'chora' and 's-chora' (secure-chora) in registry.php and
copied the whole chora directory - so far this works fine. But all links in
's-chora' are linked back to the default URL '/chora'. Where else do I need
to configure the file/webroot (they are both set correctly in registry.php
and both registry entries are named differently)?

- How do I get rid of the whole horde authentication and the whole left/top
menu for those two chora instances? I do want to run them separate without
any authentication. I was able to manage this in Horde 2.2.4 but now I just
can't figure it out.
It always jumps to IMP's login window (as I've set up
$conf['auth']['params']['app'] = 'imp';).

What concerns PHP500b4, it's not all working yet. I'm encountering problems
in IMP and Chora.
test.php says:
"Wow, a mystical version of PHP from the future. Let dev at lists.horde.org
know what version you have so we can fix this script" :)
beta 4 shouldn't be THAT mystical anymore! :)
Also the PEAR check on test.php tells me I'm not running a recent PEAR under
PHP5. Under PHP 4.3.4 I'm using the exactly same PEAR and it passes the test
in test.php.

Sorry about all these questions/bug reports. Let me know if I'm on the wrong

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