[horde] Re: Horde cvs on shared server

Brian Cosgrove brianlc at sowired.info
Wed Mar 3 00:38:04 PST 2004

u might find out if your provider allows you to compile and install your 
own version of PHP/PEAR.

I'm currently with DREAMHOST (http://www.dreamhost.com).

In order for me to get a working Horde installation, I just had to 
compile PHP with all of the required extensions and install my own PEAR.

it took a bit of work to figure out how to compile and build PHP and 
PEAR but it was worth it in the end...


Jeff Warnica wrote:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.set-include-path.php
> I dont know what would be a good file to put that in; horde/lib/base.php
> possibly.
> Or get a better provider. PEAR modules are now (or at least will be in
> the near future) a near necessity.. Explan them as "the same thing as
> CPAN, but for PHP" if your provider dosent understand... If they dont
> understand that I would start to question if they understand computers
> :P
> On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 21:17, Darin Holloway wrote:
>>I'm wanting to run a horde installation (giapeto/agora/midas/jonah) but most of 
>>the hosts I've found do not allow you to install pear modules.  Anyone have any 
>>hosting recomendations or work-arounds for installing your own pear modules 
>>alongside their "core" modules?
>>Darin Holloway

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