[horde] weather and metar problem

Ilya mail at krel.org
Wed Mar 3 19:48:00 PST 2004

all my packages are up to date according to pear upgrade-list.

I did find something interesting thing: I moved the metar to the first position
in Layout and it came up on the screen (just no data) - how do i update it?

After moving weatherdotcom to second position everything after and including it
disappeared. Since I had weatherdotcom and metar on last positions it explains
why only metar was siuffering.
Not sure yet why weatherdotcom is causing this problem, no errors so far in any

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 07:43:44PM -0700, Mike Bydalek wrote:
> Out of curiousity, did you try to 'pear upgrade' and check for 
> Services_Weather
> and the other Deps of it (ie. SOAP, XML_Serializer, etc. - I think there was
> another).  It's weird because one day it was working at all, and then the 
> next
> it was up and running.
> -Mike
> Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:
> >Mike, it didnt prompt me for anything. But I did got another tip to check
> >XML_Serializer, which as learned is a dependancy for weather package. I got
> >Serializer installed and also the packages it depends on, but still no 
> >luck.
> >I also tried to remove the keys but still neither weather no metar 
> >appear on my
> >layout. And no errors at all.
> >
> >
> >
> >On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 08:18:19AM -0700, Mike Bydalek wrote:
> >>Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:
> >>
> >>>IVe looked through archives and found my initial issue - no meta 
> >>>data. so i ran
> >>>the script and populated data base. now in metar i have drop down 
> >>choices.
> >>>Even after I picked my location, and setup weatherdotcom with 
> >>license key >and
> >>>id, and new york,ny location - on main page i still dont get any 
> >>>indication of
> >>>the weather. no errors in php.log or apache log.
> >>>
> >>>what should i do next?
> >>
> >>When you did a 'pear install services_weather' did you get anything 
> >>about that
> >>it's recommended you install <package1>, <package2> etc?  If so, you 
> >>might want
> >>to install these as I believe they are required.  Additionally, I have 
> >>heard
> >>reports of not using the license key or partner ID.  I don't even have the
> >>variables set in my conf.php:
> >>
> >>config]# grep weather *
> >>conf.php://$conf['weatherdotcom']['partner_id'] = '';
> >>conf.php://$conf['weatherdotcom']['license_key'] = '';
> >>
> >>Hope this helps.
> >>
> >>-Mike

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