[horde] avoid authentication in Chora

Philip Iezzi horde at iezzi.ch
Sat Mar 6 06:37:38 PST 2004

Sorry, I need to bother you guys again. I still don't get it running.
I'm not able to add any child permissions to "All Permissions" in admin -

My real dirty work-around would be to comment out line 25 & 27 in
/chora/lib/base.php, but then I'm getting the following errors:
Notice: Undefined index: options in /var/www/chora-cvs/lib/Chora.php on line
Warning: constant(): Couldn't find constant in
/var/www/chora-cvs/lib/Chora.php on line 31
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
/var/www/chora-cvs/lib/Chora.php on line 38

I'm a bit desperate as I already wasted more than 2 days on setting up
Horde+IMP+Chora+Turba from CVS HEAD.
Could you please try again to point me into the right direction or give me a
hint what else to try? I really need to get this running soon.

thanks a lot

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> > You need to create application permissions for guests in the
> > admin/permissions interface.
> thanks for the hint. however, it does not work. 
> Logged in as an admin user I click on "Add New Permission", 
> select "chora",
> click on "Add"...
> ...
> 'chora' was added to the permissions system.
> ...
> Attempt to edit a non-existent permission.
> I cannot add any permission to any application. Do I miss 
> some module to
> administrate permissions?
> philip
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