[horde] avoid authentication in Chora

Philip Iezzi horde at iezzi.ch
Sun Mar 7 13:47:51 PST 2004

I know I start to get on your nerves with this but I still didn't find a
solution for it.
I just don't get the permission system running.

Could anyone tell me where permissions to modules like chora are stored and
how I could add them by hand?

After setting up everything again from scratch and reloading all database
schemes, I'm still running into the same problem. Actually this is my last
serious problem before being able to run Horde HEAD on my production server.
I'm forced to run PHP 5 on my server due to another project and Horde HEAD
is the only thing that still hinders me. But this is not about PHP5 and I
definitely understand that you cannot yet provide me with any help
concerning PHP5. My problem also occurrs under PHP 4.3.4.

thanks a lot

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> > You need to create application permissions for guests in the
> > admin/permissions interface.
> thanks for the hint. however, it does not work. 
> Logged in as an admin user I click on "Add New Permission", 
> select "chora",
> click on "Add"...
> ...
> 'chora' was added to the permissions system.
> ...
> Attempt to edit a non-existent permission.
> I cannot add any permission to any application. Do I miss 
> some module to
> administrate permissions?
> philip
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