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Ivan Zilic Schmidt - Maingroup Inc. ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Sat Mar 6 07:20:04 PST 2004

Browsing the web i found http://www.inbox.lv They have a great modified horde +
imp running there. There are some features i found great for example:

* Signup process is great
* Signup data as birth date and a security question are stored in the horde
database and can be changed from the options in horde menu.
* They made a fetch mail option, so u can get e-mail from other pop3-imap
* Graphical quota
* Advertisement right in the inbox (great for free mail sites)
* As in standard IMP there is a little book near addresses when viewing a
message, they have a little "stop sign" that will add a rule to block all
messages from that address
* Hint bar with messages telling about the features and the way to manage those

May be someone can contact them and they contribute those mods to horde, or may
be some one can get some inspiration from those mods.

Best Regards,

Ivan Zilic Schmidt
Maingroup Inc.
ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Phone (56-2) 326 07 84
Mobile (56-9) 872 65 63

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