[horde] Cross-domain Horde Sessions

Kevin Sawyer sawyerk at metroeast.net
Sat Mar 6 10:16:48 PST 2004

There are several ways to accomplish this but I'm looking for the way which
requires the least amount of Horde source modification.  :)

Given three hosts (host1.domain.net, host2.domain.net, host3.domain.net), a
mysql-base session backend, and IMAP-based authentication, I would like to
present a different horde application on each host.  Yes, the hosts are in
the same 2nd-level domain.  No, I don't want to rewrite URLs.  Yes, I'm
willing to pass session IDs via GET when switching hosts, but I'd rather
not.  I'd like to use the default Horde sessions/cookies but allow seamless
host changes.  What needs to be done?  What Horde session code must be
modified and what are those modifications?

Many thanks in advance,


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