Fwd: Re: [horde] weather and metar problem

Rick Emery rick at emery.homelinux.net
Sun Mar 7 14:55:04 PST 2004

Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:

> I traced the failure to this line:
> Horde::logMessage("IN CACHE1 $cacheType $cacheOptions[cache_dir] ", __FILE__,
>         @$cache = new Cache($cacheType, $cacheOptions);
> Horde::logMessage("IN CACHE2", __FILE__, __LINE__, PEAR_LOG_ERR);
> never gets to second print. so it fails when create Cache object. the 
> prints of
> cacheType returns "file" , and cacheOptions returns /tmp correctly.
> do you know which Cache.php is used for this? there are 3 on my system :

I believe it's using the pear cache (Cache.php on my system is in
/usr/share/pear).  Again, the evidence seems to point to a problem with you
pear cache install. Can you, at the command prompt, type "pear info cache" and
see what version is installed.

If it's 1.5.3 (or greater), maybe try removing and reinstalling it. Maybe
something got corrupted.

Let me know,

P.S. About metar, there was a problem (that you pointed out) with the database
DSN. It's been fixed in CVS; update, try again, and let me know.

Rick Emery

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