[horde] Installing HORDE Question

Michela Rossi 66 michela_rossi66 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 09:31:51 PDT 2004


Wonder if someone can help. I'm currently trying to install HORDE, and am
only at the point of configuring and installing PHP such that it has the
necessary support. In the INSTALL document it states the following:

       e. [IMP] IMAP and POP3 support (--with-imap)

          PHP uses the UW-IMAP c-client library to provide IMAP and
          POP3 support. C-client is available from


          IMP requires IMAP and POP3 support in PHP.

So,  I have downloaded and compiled imap-2002e using "make lrh SSTYPE=non"
(this is an internal machine). However, I cannot find any instructions
anywhere on how to install the compiled imap-2002e - there's no "make
install" option.

So - does anyone have any tips on where to put includes/lib files (and which
ones), where to put binaries (and which ones from where) to do with
imap-2002e so that PHP installs properly, and so that all is configured
correctly for HORDE?

Many thanks, Michela.

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