[horde] [imp] IMP Forgetting/Munging Authentication Credentials

Mohamed Magdi Abbas mmabbas at longwood.edu
Tue Apr 6 07:58:07 PDT 2004

I've configured Horde(cvs and alpha) to use IMP as the authentication backend
which in turn authenticates against an IMAP server which authenticates via AD.
Anyways sometimes when I login to Horde, I get a login failure. After some
digging around I find the following:

1. From the logs, I find that I do succesfully get a login but then immediately
I get a failed login... i.e. 2 login attempts, first one ok second not...

2. Seems that Logging in to Horde works, but then when IMP tries to login it
balks and says login failure...

3. The above is backed by me getting a last login field that is later followed
by a login filure and the login prompts...

So it seems to me that somewhere IMP is losing the credentials or not using the
proper credentials...

Has anyone encountered this before?
I'm looking through the code and trying to see where there could be a problem...
Any suggestion as how to resolve?


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