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Fri Apr 9 06:05:17 PDT 2004


A suggestion maybe.. The head version of Horde has gone through major
changes in the last year. So major you may consider dumping your
previous head installation and reinstalling the lot, you may save
yourself a lot of headaches.

And as mentioned head includes a whole new design structure that
includes 'framework' which basically is the horde version of what pear
is to php. So you not only need quite a few pear modules, but also the
horde framework. The two of them tend to get co-located i.e. within
the directory structure of pear, where a Horde directory is created.

So I suggest you re-install from cvs completely (cvs co module) and
follow installation instructions from the docs. Also note that the
SQL tables also have changed to some degree, and you will find you
either need to upgrade or recreate these as well as you see fit.

have fun,

MD> Quoting Rick Romero <rick at havokmon.com>:

>> Have I just been dismissed as insane?
>> I wouldn't blame you, so I double checked cvs via Chora, and the
>> horde/lib/core.php file v1.22 has:
>> // Horde core classes.
>> include_once 'Horde.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/Registry.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/String.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/Notification.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/Auth.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/Browser.php';
>> include_once 'Horde/Perms.php';
>> And there is no horde/lib/Horde folder in Chora.
>> If I'm looking in the wrong place, so be it - but that doesn't explain
>> why the Horde 3.0 Alpha1 tarball has everything that core.php is looking
>> for, and cvs does not.
>> I just want to be sure that if this _is_ a problem (which I think it
>> is), that someone knows it - or explains it to me and puts me back in my
>> corner ;)
>> Rick
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