[horde] Migrate from older HEAD to current, options won't save

Mark Phillips mark at probably.co.uk
Mon May 3 05:37:14 PDT 2004


I'm moving my Horde setup from one server (built about a year ago) to a new 
server. Both use the CVS versions, but the older server hasn't been updated 
since installation (how can I get what version is installed to make this post 
a little more helpful?)

Basically, I've dumped the MySQL Horde database (with mysqldump -B --opt) and 
imported to the new server. I've noticed that some tables have changed and 
have run the datatree_mysql.sql script from horde/scripts/db against the 
database. I've also updated the kronolith tables so all my old calendar 
information now shows up.

However, the trash folder setting for IMP refuses to save, always defaulting 
back to "Create a new trash folder". I'm kinda lost as to where to look now 
(I've tried following the MySQL log with a tail, and looking back over the 
file, but I can't fathom out where Horde is trying to save this information).

If somebody knows what's wrong here or can point me in the direction to find 
out more information, it'll be greatly received.

Many thanks,


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