[horde] Translation of Alpha

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Tue May 4 06:05:24 PDT 2004

I will be working on localizing ALPHA to french these days.  We will be 
shipping ALPHA as we can't wait for the official release (will upgrade 
then).  If anybody is interested in my work for their own use, you can 
contact me off-list.  I make no promise though.

joho at poolia.se wrote:
> Is there any point in doing a translation of the Alpha-packages? A lot of
> work has obviously already been completed, but there are quite a few items
> missing in the Swedish translation for Horde and its applications. I am not
> too familiar with "po" and the likes, but found the .pot file which I guess
> works too ;)
> Since I've contributed translations in the past, I figured I might as well
> do it again.
> -Joaquim

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