[horde] Translation of Alpha

Benoit St-Andre ben at benoitst-andre.net
Tue May 4 06:20:34 PDT 2004

I began working on the french localization about month ago (when alpha went 
out). There was a "problem" with a bunch of strings with some "_" in them 
(all strings coming from upper menu I think).

Jan told on the list to wait because it was going to change, was it the "it is 
going to change 'til stable release" or "the _ in strings is going to 
change". I stopped working on it, for the wrong reasons ? 


Benoit St-André
ben at benoitst-andre.net
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Le 4 Mai 2004 09:05, Etienne Goyer a écrit :
> I will be working on localizing ALPHA to french these days.  We will be
> shipping ALPHA as we can't wait for the official release (will upgrade
> then).  If anybody is interested in my work for their own use, you can
> contact me off-list.  I make no promise though.
> joho at poolia.se wrote:
> > Is there any point in doing a translation of the Alpha-packages? A lot of
> > work has obviously already been completed, but there are quite a few
> > items missing in the Swedish translation for Horde and its applications.
> > I am not too familiar with "po" and the likes, but found the .pot file
> > which I guess works too ;)
> >
> > Since I've contributed translations in the past, I figured I might as
> > well do it again.
> >
> >
> > -Joaquim

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